Wanted / For Sale
Wanted / For Sale
Welcome to our "Wanted / For Sale" page. For a short time as we introduce this feature on our web site, ads are free to Northeast Rockbuster members. If you would like, you can make a donation to help defray the cost of posting your ad. Suggested donation amounts: between $10 - $100.

If you would like to place a "Wanted" or "For Sale" ad and you're a Northeast Rockbuster member, you may submit it by e-mail to classifieds@northeastrockbusters.com. Include your contact information, the text as you would like it to appear in your ad, and no more than 5 photos for our webmaster to choose from. You may also include a video if you have one. If your video is too large to be e-mailed, may we suggest that you upload it to YouTube, and send us a link to it. We can take it from there.

Gradall For Sale

This Gradall - a good restoration candidate - is in my yard and I'd like to see it find another home. I don't have any info on it, but it would be a shame to see it get scrapped.

If interested, please call Dave Bristol at (781) 249 - 2030

Cranes For Sale

My name is EJ Merrill. My father in law, Al Rongone, was tragically killed in an accident on his dragline on April 1st in Chester, NH. Al was 82 and a 60-year member of Local 4.

We talked about joining Rockbusters and going to events, but I couldn't get him to stop working long enough to do either.

My wife Angela is the new president of his corporation, and I am a director. We have the unfortunate task of dissolving the business that he has run since 1959. We have three draglines, a 58 Lima 703, 58 P&H 855 BG, and a 69 Koehring 405. The P&H has a rebuilt D333, and rebuilt gearbox installed, but the main drive chain is not installed. The other two are operable and on job sites. We also have an assortment of dragline and clamshell buckets, cables, boom sections and a shed full of spare parts.

I am hoping there is someone out there that would like to see this equipment live on. We are realistic in their value vs. their worth (priceless), and are willing to give someone a great deal. The lawyer says we have to attempt selling before we can give them away, donate or scrap them. I will withhold my adjectives and opinions of lawyers. I certainly do not want to see them cut up.

I am not an operator, but have helped out over the last 20 years. I can answer - or get answers - to most questions, if we get to that point.

The Lima is in Chester, NH. The other two cranes and the buckets are at Beneventos in Wilmington, MA. Parts and cables are at our house in Wilmington. I would be happy make arrangements to show them to anyone interested. I currently do not have a photo of the Lima, but I will try to get one soon.

EJ Merrill

Wanted: Manuals for Ingersall Rand Gyro-Flo 85 with Continental F140
Call Joe (401) 322 - 7209